James Campion Conway is the author of the literary coming of age novel called The Vagabond King.

His influences are Tolkien, Kafka, Dinesen, Garcia-Marquez, Calvino, and Chandler. He is also deeply influenced by the historical writings of Winston Churchill and the mythological studies of Joseph Campbell. His favorite poets are Yeats, Keats and Bukowski.

Conway’s character’s do not exist in a vacuum. They exist within the historical, metaphysical and philosophical contexts that we all exist within whether we are aware of it or not. His work frequently blends mythology, cosmology, history and modern science to reveal a deeper, more complex understanding of the world we inhabit.

He’s currently working on a second novel called The House of Smoke and Mirrors which follows three different plot lines. Set against the background of 9/11 and the years that follow until the housing crash of 2008. The first plot line follows the adventures of a 10 year old girl without a name who believes she must truly be a fairy tale princess and not just a runaway from the foster care system. She has convinced a conman to take her to find her Godmother so she can learn her real identity, only to realize she had really been abducted.

The second plot line follows her parents, the King and Queen, as they leave their fairy tale kingdom to search for their missing daughter in this strange and foreign world of ours.

The third plot line portrays the real history of the United States, a history that has been purposely erased as successfully as it was in Winston Smith’s 1984.

The book blends semantics with a deeper understanding of how our legal and banking systems really work to reveal how reality is not a solid thing but very flexible and that nothing we see is as it appears to be. Through the Looking-Glass meets 1984.